This website contains recipes, Preparedness Information and links, Stories, links to other businesses
I include links that I think will be of interest to those looking here. many are comerical/ retail sites, I only post them for information, I have no connection with any of them, I do not represent them, endorse them, and am not responsible for them or their products.
All information is personal views, not to be taken as Fact unless given by a Professional. Please Always use your own care in following or taking any advice from anyone.
My Food link has recipes, food concerns, and links to sites like Hersheys.  My Health link has links to information on things like womens health, Alternative health subjects. Links link has 2 links, one to gardening and seed sites, and one to misc fun sites.  If you live in North Dakota or want more information on the area, products, or available services you can find them on the Local link.  Newsletters link are monthly newsletters I compile and distribute for Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage topics.  Self Reliance Link has many many links to sites for information on just about everything that has to to with being prepared, self sufficent, survial, even how to make your own power.  The Story link is over 100 stories I have recieved from people, (feel free to send me one if you dont see it here and think it is worth sharing) Many of these are inpirational, or emotional. 
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