Welcome Sisters! It is my Job now to help educate and assist you and your family with your food storage and preparedness needs. I have compiled a website which I list all the sites I have found pretraining to these topics, if you do not have access to a computer I will gladly print out information for you, please don't hesitate to ask. I am also finding sources both locally and other to get food and supplies for our needs. I feel it is vital that we are prepared and not left until it is too late like the parable of the ten virgins. We live in tough times especially with the constant threat of terrorism which can strike anywhere, in our food or water supplies or our fuel, and with the cold winters we have, we dare not be without some back ups to keep us and our families safe. We have no way of knowing what the winter will bring, and so many other possibilities that we have been counciled by the Prophets to be ready for.

I plan to provide a monthly newsletter containing a featured topic, with recipes and information on that topic. I will keep the newsletters on my website so if someone needs additional copies later or to review something it will be accessible.

Since this is almost fall. It is time to harvest our gardens and so I thought this month would be great to focus on that. Whether you have a garden or not, if you don't there are so many places to get produce, Farmers markets, roadside stands, friends, neighbors, I know there is a lot of people with apple trees that do not use them. It never hurts to ask someone if you can pick some. (though it is best to wait until after frost for the apples to sweeten).

Canned foods need to be kept in a cool, dry, dark place, think about your storage before you begin. Under the bed or in a closet or pantry are good options.

Canning requires sterilized canning Jars, (Mayonaise jars and other food jars break too easily and are not safe.)

Almost anything can be "put up" in cans or jars, but you must use specific directions for pressures and timing. Everything except pickled vegetables and high acid foods must be canned in a pressure cooker.

Pressure canning is similar to boiling water bath canning in some ways. The reason for canning some foods under pressure is to raise the temperature high enough to make food safe that isn't acid, or that has qualities (like meat) that make it spoil easily.

If you have any questions about canning you can always contact your Extenstion office, The North Dakota Extenstion website for canning, food and nutrition, NDSU Extenstion The local Extension service will be very happy to help you and even help test your pressure canner to be sure it is safe and working properly. Their phone number is 701-857-7679

one web site which I found alot of information is Frugal Living

You can also check out my webpages which have several sites for prepardness and Recipes and other topics concerning Food at

other sites for information are and and also

The Local Wheat costs at this time (they can change without notice, so check ahead of time if you are going to pick up some.) $7.00 per 60lb bag. They also have Flax 56lb for $12.00 Location is 1600 27th SE Minot.

The church does have both #10 cans and mylar bags and equipment available for use. contact for prices of both.