You can find recipes on how to can things like butter, milk, and cheese on my food page


Dry Pack food in plastic buckets
Dry Pack in Foil
Emergency Lighting
About-Preserving Food
Azure Standard Bulk and Natural Foods
Best Prices foods
Bulk Foods
Discount Christian/ Mountian House Foods
Egg Store-(Dried eggs)
Food storage for Transient Families
Foods, Nutrition and Health. NDSU Extension Service
Insects for food newsletter
Long Life Food Depot
Martens Health and Survival foods and products
Meat Potting
Walton Feed- Dehydrated Food, & Food Storage
Water Storage


All First aid supplies
Alternative Power
American Small Farms
Backwoods home Magazine
Cover Yur Basics, food storage aids, grain mills and more.
CPR First Aid & Survival kits
Cumberland General Store
Emergency Essentials
Emergency Heating and cooling
The First responders med/first aid kits
Food Storage softwear
HGTV, How To's
Homestead Products
How to make Charcoal
How to make your own power
How to store Fuels
Humanure Handbook, Composting Human waste
Information Central Family Emergency Prepardness
Kurt Saxon's Prepardness web pages
Master Composter, Lots of info and tips
Millennium Ark
Mother Earth News
Mountain Home Basics, Dehydrators, canners and more
Nitro-Pak Survival, Prepardness Center Inc.
Pioneer Emergency Prepardness Products
Prepardness Nuggets, info on everything
Ready Reserve Foods. Foods and Prepardness products
Ready Reserve Foods/B&A Products,
Safety Central, First Aid kits & supplies
Self Reliance & Frugal Living
S.O.S. Food Lab Inc.
Survival top Sites
Survival, Self Sufficiency Links. Alot of them!(over 700)
XMG. Resources, Food Links
Veggie Power, making Biodiesel at home
The Widening Gyre, Survival Files