Tribute To My Son

On a special day in the autumn,
God sent me a wonderful gift.
The babe that I held in my arms
Gave joy of unspeakable lift.

As I gazed at this tiny infant,
I marvled at the power above;
To trust me with this tiny creation,
to have, to hold, and to love.

As time sped by something happened.
And we knew he was a special child.
The things everyone takes for granted,
Would be hard to learn for this child.

The talking and walking that's so natural,
For this one would come awfully slow.
I prayed for understanding and patience
That I could help my child continue to grow.

Each achievment brought great satisfaction.
To anxiouse parent and friends wo looked on.
Each word was a great accomplishment,
Each small step a rapturous song.

He needed more time and attention,
Than normal children do.
But this I gave to him gladly,
For God said "This is my gift to you."

In my arms I cuddled him near,
And looked into his sweet innocent eyes.
He seemed to say, "Mother don't fear,
Have faith you will understand,
That we are all here for a purpose,
and mine is different from other men.

"God has given us all a body,
In order that we might progress.
Please understand that I am different,
I've come here to give you a test.

"So please accept me for what I am,
and not what you'd like me to be.
Continue to love and protect me.
and always extend me your hand.

Help me and love me forever,
Give me the time that I need.
Find me a place in society,
That is filled with other men's greed."

With my hands reached out, I will help him.
And love him with all of my heart.
For I know he is very special,
And God has trusted me to do my part.

And when this life is over,
And we are through with all trial and grief,
I hope I have proved myself worthy,
Of this special spirit God has me bequeathed.

And when time comes for judgment,
I will see my son standing there,
His body erect and now perfect,
And standing by the side of God's chair.

He will smile and his eyes will twinkle,
To me he will extend a hand;
Saying "Now it is my turn to help you, Mother,
See this is the way it was planned."